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Professional Services

About Us

Where Innovation Works!

 Our portfolio consists of different innovative ideas which are presented to the investors. Before allowing you to share your unique idea with our investors, we assist them. Our assessment dramatically helps you to know how much your idea might attract our venture investors and make necessary amendments to make it more appealing.

About Our Team

Meet Our Exceptionally Talented Team Of Dreammart. We are available at our desks to help you with your work 24/7 and we’re looking for people who believe in our mission.

Founder And CEO

Co Founder



 We assess every idea from businesses and individuals before putting it in front of venture capitalists, looking at two factors. First, how much of an impact does the proposed business idea will have? Second, is there any feasibility for this idea to compete and run in the market? These are those questions which are very important not only for us but for our investors too.


Our portfolio section speaks for itself. Here you can find success stories of dozens of entrepreneurs currently leading the business world. We trusted their ideas, and with the help of our valued staff and angel investors, they are booming. Here we have several proof stories verifying how our start-ups took their first step by presenting their unique idea through our platform, got funded by VCs, and how they have succeeded in achieving their wildest dreams, resulting in generating huge profits for venture capitalists.