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About gruppie

About Gruppie
Structured communication for real world communities

Personalize Communication – Build Your Brand. 

Unlimited membership. 

 Communication structures that mirror your organization 

 Enables Organized Group Communications. 

Build Your Own Groups – Private or Public. 

Bring people closer together. 

Run analytics to measure engagement.  

Unwarranted message can be deleted. 

Admin rights to manage quality of conversations


Enable people to share, seek information, and collaborate with others across the organization


Gruppie community - (Gc1))
Gruppie constituency citizen connect - (Gc3)
Gruppie campus connect - (Gc2)

About us.


Vivid Innovation Pvt. Ltd was established by graduates of ITT. IIM. National Law School and chartered accountants with a vision to be a leader in enterprise comunication. Our new-age, customized, communication solutions addrere needs of small and large corporate, schools, colleges and universities, cooperatives, political parties and a variety of other types of organizations. Gruppie. our flagship product, is more than a messaging tool. While it enables structured communication among communities, it also acts as an enterprise productivity app with unparalleled features and benefits to users.



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